Meet Chef Jack

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Name:  Jack

Home:  North Carolina

Age:  5

Interests:  Jack loves to invent recipes and cook for his family.  His family agrees to at least taste Jack’s creations.  He also enjoys reading books and “creating things.”




I call this my “everything cake” because I put EVERYTHING in it I can find on that day.  I like to cook for my family, but I don’t make, like chicken and stuff…only cakes.  They eat some pretty much every time, and sometimes they even like it.  This one is  my “Apple Everything Cake” cause I put a few pieces of apple in there.  My family didn’t eat this one because it tasted gross, but some taste good.


– 1 egg

– 1 granola bar

– 1 cup ginger dressing (my mom made for a salad)

– 2 scoops oatmeal

– 1 package of Swedish Fish

– 2 glasses of water

– 1 squirt of honey

– 2 dumps of cinnamon (my mom says it was about 10 teaspoons)

I do this part all by myself and mix it together for a long time and stuff.  Then my mom has to put it in the oven, cause it’s hot and she says I might spill it.

When it’s all done, I taste it.


It really tasted nasty.  I think next time, I will add salt and flour.  It might taste better.


Nanny’s Note:  Thank you, Jack, for this incredibly unique dessert recipe.  I will keep it in mind for my next dinner party.  I find it fascinating, however, that there are no apples in your “Apple Everything Cake” recipe.  I must assume they are optional…good thinking!  Jack’s mom reports that he was “disappointed, but not defeated.”  I would love to receive an update, with a photo of the entire family tasting one of Jack’s culinary masterpieces.  What a cute kid!

8 thoughts on “Meet Chef Jack

  1. Hi, Nanny. Jack here. I have something to say about your blog. And about your blog. Thank you for putting me in it. Next time I will teach you how to make a spider web with tape.


  2. I found the recipie for apple cake very interesting And colorful. Keep trying to make new creative recipes and you will one day be a famous chef like Nanny’s Father. ;-))


  3. Hey Jack, I an Nanny Kenly’s Dad and a chef like you, but I bake bread from around the World. A lot of my recipes are just like yours, whatever I can find in my kitchen. Many times my bread is so bad that I have to throw it away, then I laaugh at myself and do it all over again until I get it right. I hope the day comes when you and I can bake together and show peoplw really great baked goods.


  4. Hey Jack, I am Nanny Kenly’s Dad, A chef just like you, and a chef who has failed more times in my life than I can remember. Failing at cooking is how I learned to cook, failing at something gives me the courage to keep trying until I get it right. I did like the idea of using Swedish fish in your cake, it shows me that you are not afraid to use your imagination. I hope the day comes when we can bake together


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